Monday, March 7, 2011

Incredulous (A Rant)

Incredulous (A Rant)

You may be exceptionally bright,
just not particularly modest.
You may be correct, most times,
but are you likable?
You tell me. You appear to know
more than I do.

I bow down before you,
you the king, an Adonis.
Frankly, my back just hurts:
the pressure, your magnitude,
that you ask me to hold
for you, brilliantly shining
in the Universe, which you seem
to own, parts of it, that is.

But, the one thing you relish
that you can never have is my soul:
that's right, my soul.

How about a slice of humble pie?
I'll slice you a piece.

(c) Michael W. Holland (2008)

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