Thursday, January 27, 2011

Man Purses (something silly)

So, a friend of mine told me he bought a man purse. A what? Yes, an actual item called a man purse. Now, if a man wants to carry a purse, I have no real problem with that until I start thinking about it. Why not a satchel? What about a backpack? Did you ever consider a briefcase? Why not something like a gym bag or a tote that does not resemble a purse?

I only ask this because it seems to me that it would make your life much easier. Our society does not seem to be ready for men in purses. Then again, I have no problem with transgender individuals, and sometimes they carry purses. Why should I care? Do I feel threatened?

I guess to answer this, yes, I do. I don't care if my friend carries one, and I would even walk with them in day light down a busy street. Am I afraid of being called a queer? Hell, I have been called worse. No, that is not it. I am not sure what it is. I am just attracted to men, manly men. And hey, if I don't want to carry a purse, I won't. And I will let my friends do what they want. That does not make them less of a man. And, I need to get over it. Maybe I should get one after all. Nah, Land's End has the backpack I want.


  1. a man purse usually doesn't look like this ,LOL...it's somewhat bigger ( laptop size ) here's a link to different ones .Most of my friends here in Italy carry a bag and it's actually pretty cool too :-) http://www.google.it/images?q=borse+per+uomini&um=1&ie=UTF-8&source=og&sa=N&hl=en&tab=wi&biw=1115&bih=600

  2. Heeheehee. Well still, I think it is a funny concept!

  3. I think you are thinking outside of the box/purse. First, if someone else wants to carry a "man's purse", your ok with it. If your with a friend that carrys one your ok with that. You just don't want to carry something called a man's purse. You are just not into the whole labeling thing. If a woman carries a wallet is it called a " woman's wallet", no I don't think so. I think your a person that's evolving. H-Two

  4. Thanks H-Two. LOL You are funny, but right!

  5. Yeah my boys carry those new satchels which are essentially purses for men I did think it funny at first and knew very well had I bought one for them before their buddies used them they would have said..."What's this I don't want a purse!"

    But since they saw how useful it was and they wear shorts more often than jeans they really did need a place for wallet and keys contact solution, glasses and sneaking candy into the movies lol...so while I think of them as purses in a broad sense and snicker, I also see the usefulness of having a larger satchel...
    On the other hand I have downsized and no longer carry a purse which was always falling off my shoulder...I use a wrist wallet and sometimes just take my id and debit card in my jeans...times change ♥