Tuesday, December 24, 2013

now and then

This was written for a competition where we were required to write vignettes in response to a current popular song based on a sonnet written. The song selected was "Born To Die" by Lana Del Ray


through opaque crystal
I sift through dreams, what was
what now is

what seemed forever a mix
of dreams embraced,
free of inhibition
rests a life forgotten
put on hold,
bound with yesteryear’s spirit
that hummed sweet nectar
when hopes were at once eternal

now expunged


I trek down many paths
particularly ones emblazoned
with your curse

I tried to reform
taste the feral journey,
though it screams so
in all appearances

boys like me don’t hatch
from the typical nest-egg

we trade souls
hiss secrets to be liked, craved
so that in the night air’s bustle,
you desire more

only the high of you
gets me off
satiates heroin hearts
does not hesitate
to transform and become
what you spell out
in amour’s curse

I sing hoarsely
“it’s not the end,
but I perish in Autumn’s amber”


the outcome is always the same

I always dreamed it would be me
that Heaven would embrace those
that fought through trenches
living out the now in future’s folly

but you can never return
to an innocent past
where hard work, determination
paid dues for those who rasterized
internal worlds now guilty
in slackened acceptance

your body listless
at the foot of the bed
a slash of crimson
where there ought to be a bow

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