Tuesday, July 30, 2013

If Not For You

* Originally written March, 2013, I thought I would post this and see what you all think. The style and tone are different for me. 

If Not For You

If not for you, who would complete me?
        When winter blows glacial winds
        you warm me with your smile
        your arms a shelter against storms
                that graze my delicate soul.

If not for you, how would I cope?
        Lend me your strength to combat
        apparitions that visit me at night
               when darkness shrouds reality;
               Pull me to the light, extend
        your hands so that your caress
               soothes a pliable heart..

If not for you, where would I be?
        I cannot fathom a forest with trees
                that block citrus sunlight,
                that chafes my face,
                deters me  from victory;
        I would wither in shadows, cower
        underneath the heather that supplies
        pillows for this weary head.

Thanks my love for your tenderness
        for the acceptance that comforts me
                in vulnerable glass houses
                susceptible to pebbles concealed
        in lace ups that pinch my toes
        when I walk towards luminosity.

If not for you, I would sleep
        a thousand days, never to return
        to this realm, under turquoise skies.

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