Friday, September 19, 2014

Fall Migration

' I know it is not Fall yet, but this is a piece about that time of year.

Skies illuminate in amber
the crisp air shimmering
over frosted skin,
leaves moving from green
to gold to crimson to plum.

Foliage descends from trees
burying the cold ground
the sunlight streaming
through tree branches,
its warmth hinted at by bright rays.

Flocks of geese
litter blue horizons
dusted with ivory clouds,
as they migrate to tropical places -
the continents of Africa and Europe.

And I am getting older,
once a silly man
who espoused what appeared
to be smart revelations,
but wisdom came with age, experience
and not ideological youth.

Warm blanket on my lap
I am content for the moment
knowing that change is inevitable
that when the world overwhelms
it is best to go limp
when falling out of the lofty air.

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