Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Blistering moonbeams expose,
even in unforgiving blackness.
Perhaps it is not overtly witnessed,
but you know Intrinsically,
you know that something you protected,
held sacred is no longer hidden.
This masquerade ball has ended
leaving, just you, alone.

It could be a shift in mood,
in expression, that reveals
a heart dispassionate, not intending
to hurt a soul so gentle,
the one who wants you
the way you are, just are, so unworthy
of sanctified kisses, as you are, stagnant
and stale.

Maybe it's in the glint of the eye,
longing to be wrapped in thunderous
whispers, driving the guilt and uncertainty
away, because afterward, you may become
complicit strangers, familiar yet foreign,
in your new found knowledge,
hoping for possibly more, or perhaps
just calling a spade a spade.

Maybe it was enough for then.
What if what you truly choose
to express is just an openness,
a clear view inward to claret
thoughts, and outwardly an honesty
prized for those who understand,
get it, want it, desire it, even covet
it, hoping to be part
of it? And what if they already trust
what you are just now realizing,
and although they see you that you are running,
you may be running to treasure rich
and unexpected? Or plunging into mysterious
pools that can elevate or destroy you?

It's subtle, and it could be all, or nothing at all
Out of these meanderings, windows can open.
The angels can see in, and the demons
may flee, eager for you to pull the night
into citrus sunshine, elegant and pure,
so you can discover a way to your process
your junk and venomous poison.

Like it or not, you will ultimately venture
into your forbidden subconscious.
Openness has its price; it can lead
you to scarlet truths, emerald hopes,
and lavender dreams, if you will open the door
and walk through it.

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