Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sins of Fathers (Double Etheree)

Note: For this challenge, we were asked to write a Double Etheree with a Nature theme.I n this case the shape of the form should be a perfect arrow OR diamond shape; this is an aesthetic requirement. It wasn't perfect, but since this is out of my realm, I did okay I guess. Not the perfect form, but oh well, Oh, and just for the record, each line has a specific syllable count: 1 - 1, 2 - 2, etc.


                                                          sun scalds
                                                        deprived fields
                                                      once waxing corn,
                                                     the oppressive heat
                                                  too much for fruit to bear
                                                 clear Heavens defy drizzle,
                                              plentiful crops dead, providing
                                          proof that global warming does exist
                                         the skies azure: no rain in the forecast
                                         the sweltering summer the hottest yet.
                                           We accept no blame for corruption
                                               despite the warnings provided,
                                                    greedy politicians paid
                                                       deflecting attention,
                                                        vexed generations
                                                           now bedeviled,
                                                                  a bleak


  1. This form really works, Michael. The last line delivers an emotional punch. Great job!

  2. Thank Jeanette for reading. Glad you liked it!