Saturday, March 14, 2009

First of the First

So here I am, and you are probably wondering why am I blogging and why you should care. Well, you don't have to care (LOL), but I am doing to do my best to post some of my writing for all of you to read, and please feel free to comment on anything you see. Also, from time to time, I will probably just fill you in on something personal, or something that may be happening to a friend or within my community. Maybe I will even get bolder and write controversial things. Who knows? This is the first blog, and I just hope you will continue to support it.




  1. Welcome to Blogger, Michael! Glad to see you created an accout. (I'll follow yours, if you follow mine...) Check me out at http://thepearsonfamilyblog.blogspot.com/

    I can't wait to read your stuff!!!


  2. I will defintely follow yours! Now that I know how to follow it!